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Phlebotomy Instructor

Phlebotomy Instructor job description:

As a phlebotomy instructor, you will be responsible for preparing each student to become a certified phlebotomy technician. You will be responsible to teach the fundamental background of phlebotomy science, as well as train each student in the proper techniques, procedures and best practices of obtaining viable blood samples.

You will be responsible for the supervision of all the work done in the hands-on laboratory by your students, making sure that their knowledge of the fundamentals of phlebotomy is comprehensive including collecting and assembling the proper equipment and that each student is well versed in the latest techniques of acquiring blood samples safely and successfully.

This instruction includes the clinical skills associated with the actual blood draw and the anatomy and physiology associated with the practice.

The ideal candidate must be CPT1 certified with 2-5 years of experience; have the ability to instill confidence in each student; have excellent verbal & written communication skills; have the ability to keep good records, provide clear, accurate and concise documentation; have the ability to use PowerPoint and a projection screen. The candidate must also be comfortable in a classroom and hands-on laboratory setting, while having the ability to adapt instruction to students with various levels of skill and experience.

Skills that are associated with this occupation:

Convert information into instructional program
Coordinate instructional outcomes
Develop course or training objectives
Advise students on progress or areas that need improvement
Apply field experience to classroom teaching
Assess educational potential or need of students
Communicate student progress reports
Follow designed curriculum
Follow understand & implement program syllabus
Develop instructional materials
Establish and maintain relationship with students
Maintain educational records, reports or files
Computer skills
Convey instructor’s concerns pertaining to student’s performance or discipline directly to campus director/counselors

NOW HIRING qualified phlebotomy instructors for the following locations.:


  • Weekend instructor
  • Substitute for day and evening classes (may need multiple substitutes)


  • Substitute for all classes (may need multiple substitutes)


  • Morning instructor
  • Afternoon instructor
  • Substitute-instructor for all classes (may need multiple substitutes)

Santa Maria

  • Morning instructor
  • Afternoon instructor
  • Evening instructor
  • Saturday Instructor 
  • Saturday substitute-instructor


  • Saturday instructor
  • Saturday substitute-instructor

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